Monday, July 28, 2008

No Classes!

Monday... Gotta wake up early... It's the first day of the week... It's harder to commute going to school... And it's not good to start this new week by being tardy.

So, before 7am, my son and I were already crossing the street towards the gates of DBTC... Only to be stopped by a magtataho at the gate.

"Ma'am, walang pasok."

NYEK! So, that's why there's no sidecar parked in front of the little school near our house... That's why we never had difficulty taking a ride... And that's why we never encountered traffic... Cause there's no classes in all levels of elementary and high school.


So, we both went back home and Francis played at the playground na lang as I practice taking photos of him... Better let him play at the playground, then spend the time playing PSP and Game Boy. Hmp!

More of his photos in Francis' multiply site.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I've been playing Zuma since late last year. And early this year, I have finished the game about 3 times already. Addict ba ako? Oo!

Being a naturally-born addict, I decided to play the game again and try to finish it in one continuous game. Yup, starting from Level 1 to Level 13, with no stopping. Hehehe! Addict nga ako!

So, last night, I opened Zuma, clicked on Adventure and started with Level 1. I've passed through all the different levels with no difficulty... Until I got to Level 10. That was when I started losing balls into the skull. With teary eyes and uncontrollable-shaking hands, I still managed to finish Level 13-1 in no time (or should I say at 2am today). Yahoo! I finished with 860,850 points, still with 10 more lives! Hehehe!

SIGH... See how I've been spending my non-working days? Such a waste of time! And I even bothered to put it here in my blog?!

This is what happens when a workaholic suddenly runs out of projects. Hehehe!

Penge na nga ako ng project! :P

Friday, July 25, 2008

Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

I found this link in one of the many yahoogroups I belong to. This one simply can't be ignored.

Saw this on the news last night. I'm glad it has gotten media attention. Let's just hope and pray that the kid will soon be found.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ay, bungal!

As soon as I got home, my son told me to wrap his tooth in a piece of paper and place it under his pillow when he sleeps so that the Tooth Fairy can get it. Funny, he still remembers this story he read from one of his books last school year. And here's the YouTube link to that:

Francis' Reading

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Accomplishments of an Unfruitful Day

Have you ever had a day when you're doing so many things at the same time that the day has passed you by without you even realizing it? That's exactly how my every day is like since I went back to production.

But these days, my schedules have now become "unhectic". With my director leaving for a 2-month vacation this August, we have stopped bidding for new projects and are now on the finishing stages of our current ones. Goody! I'll be able to attend to some personal stuff I've been putting on hold since late 2006! Hehehe!

So, today is the day that I am starting my own personal errands.

As soon as I dropped my son off at school, I should have gone straight to work and hang around (updating my Friendster, Multiply and Facebook!) until real work starts at 10am. But since we have nothing until 12nn today, I decided to take a jeepney and head to Quiapo.

My first stop for the day was the PAG-IBIG branch office somewhere in Lawton (yup, I don't know exactly where it is... my Mom just said, it's near the LRT!). I wanted to check out how feasible it was for me to get a housing loan. Yes, a housing loan. At age 33, I finally gave serious thought about buying a house. Ooops! In my case, it should be a condominium unit (inquiring and canvassing from home developers last week made me realize I won't be able to live anywhere outside of Metro Manila... but that's another blog entry).

I found the PAG-IBIG branch office with no difficulty. Since I arrived early, the queue wasn't that long yet. And when my turn came, I was glad that I ended up with a kind-looking middle-aged man who seemed to be "happy" enough to be of service to the PAG-IBIG members. After asking me a few questions, he searched his computer for my files. He printed a summary of my contributions for each of the company I worked in for the past 12 years. Good. I've got enough and decent contributions. BUT! According to him, they do not allow voluntary memberships anymore. HUWHAT?! So, even if I pay a lump sum to all the months I lacked contributions, I wouldn't be able to make use of my PAG-IBIG anymore for a housing loan?! Grrr... He said I should try to go to the Kamias branch since my last employer remitted my contributions there. They may be able to help and allow me to continue my contributions. Oh, well... There goes my trip to the PAG-IBIG. I'll have to allot another day again just to go to the Kamias branch. Grrr...

Not wanting to make this day go to waste, I decided to drop by the nearby SSS branch and update my contributions as well. But even this fallback plan to make this day fruitful went down the drain. Displayed on the glass doors of this SSS branch is a white paper with bold writings "No updates/print-outs on contributions, loan applications, etc. Please check". Ugh!!!

Since I still have so much time in my hands (it was only 9am), I decided to go to Hidalgo and buy an extra battery for my Nikon camera. Lo and behold! When I got to Hidalgo, most of the camera stores are still closed! Syempre, 9am pa nga lang...

I went to a nearby pizza joint and ate brunch, even though I wasn't hungry. I had no choice given the limited number of places I could kill time. What? Inside the Quiapo Church? You gotta be kiddin' me? Hehehe!

After brunch, I roamed around the nearby mall and department store to kill time. I kept circling 'round and 'round 'til my feet ached from walking. Buti na lang, the clock stroke 11! Yahoo!!! Mayer's is now officially open.

I finally got to work before 12nn, too surprised that I have gone to so many places and the day isn't halfway done yet. I would love to say I have accomplished so much just this morning, but really, buying the battery was the only substantial thing that happened.

SIGH... What a day... And I'm just starting this day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it you?

Is it really you? Or is it my imagination playing tricks on me again?

I have rehearsed this scenario in my mind for the longest time. When I get to see you again, I would know how to act, I would know what to say, I would know how to pretend. But for the many times I have played this "meeting" in my mind, there's really no preparing when that time indeed comes.

For two days now, I have shut my eyes and my mind everytime I think of the possibility that it would really be you. For two days, it all seemed like you're one big blur.

Until today...

If you were just an inch away from me, I know you would have heard me gasp when I realized it could really be you. I saw how you looked at me, and I know that look very well. My heart pounds as if a giant walks on the ground where I am standing. No, I am not scared of you. I am worried of whatever will come out of this.

It would be nice to tell you in person, "Hey, it's okay, I have no hard feelings," so I can unload you of any burden that you might have these past few years... I know you would also want to hear me say, "Don't worry, I got your back... I've been taking care of 'us' for the longest time now and we're doing okay so far," as it might release you from your guilt, if there were any.

No, I am not being sarcastic. And it may be hard to comprehend, but honestly, I never blamed you, not once, for whatever circumstance I am in right now. My life turned out this way because of the choices I made, because of the path I took. I do not regret this life now. My life has more meaning because of the wrong decisions I made in the past.

I feel saddenned, though, of how you have become. At the back of my mind, I have wished that you have used these past years to make yourself better... Hoping the dark years have made you wiser. It seemed like they didn't. What has happened to all those years?

I am now guilt-stricken. Was my impact so huge and devastating that you couldn't get out from that dark world? Was it all my fault? It may be such an understatement, but yes, I know what's it like. I've been there. But I got out of it. Have you?

Is saying sorry at this point in time can suffice to all that you've suffered these past years?

I do not wish for anything to come out of this. I just want us to be civil, if not friends. I do not hold no grudges against you and I also do not wish for us to be closer.

Definitely, not closer.

I am okay with the distance between us.

I am okay that my son and I have lived 7 years without you around.

I know he needs you... and I can see how important it will be for his own identity and self-esteem to know you. I do not disagree that one day, the two of you will have to meet and get to know each other. I am just not ready to having this day today. Are you?

Get a grip of your life. Stand tall from life's adversities. I was there once, but I made it through. There's no reason for you to be stuck there.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day with Francis

After my son and I had our vacation during the Holy Week, I was still able to spend a lot more time with him as I only had one project lined up. And that was good. Because of my unhectic" schedule, I was able to balance work and motherhood. What's even better was that I was able to bring my son to his two summer sports classes: swimming and taekwondo.

But vacations, summer classes and tuition fees, all put together for two months, could really put a hole in your pocket. So, when projects start coming in by May, I squeezed them all in my director's calendar, giving up our highly-treasured weekends... with his knowledge and permission, of course.

Having schedules these past 9 weekends (with an 18-hour work during weekdays) had disoriented me from my son's schedules and activities. So, on my first weekend off, we graced the streets of the metro and spent an entire day together.

Our first stop was the Gateway Mall in Cubao.

My original plan of window shopping and canvassing brought me to the plasticky gardens of Parkway Residences. Ooops! I do not mean any insult but their "landscaped" pathway towards their model units really consists of plastic ornamental plants! Hehehe! Anyway, Francis and I went to look at these model units and we we're even given a cost estimate by one sales person. Although I won't be buying a condominium unit anytime soon, this "biglang liko" trip to the model units continues to prove that my son and I will fit perfectly in this living condition than an abode in the far-flung provinces.

I also got to buy this waterproof bag that I've been meaning to buy for ages, but never had the time to drop by at the mall. And now that the time is here, I wasted no second to scout for it at the ground level of the Gateway Mall. Finally, I found the Stoked outlet! As usual, I chose the non-attention-catching color of all, gray.

Well, Francis also had his share of shopping. He bought 2 (yup, not 1, but 2!) water bottles. Of course, the ones with characters: Superman and Pokemon. He also begged me to buy a Naruto game for his Game Boy. Surprised, I didn't even know he likes Naruto now! He said he still likes Pokemon and still know all of the characters in it... But he's watching more of Naruto now. Huh? When did that happen? A few months ago, he just dumped Spiderman (his all time favorite for the past 4 years) for Pokemon, and now it's Pokemon's turn to be dumped!? Whatever! I still didn't buy him the Naruto game. This will only increase his game time.

After this, I decided to go straight to the Manila Ocean Park. I've been meaning to go to this place since it opened late last year. I had even planned on bringing my two nephews there if only they had not gone home to Pampanga earlier.

Anyway, due to a wrong decision on which direction the cab driver should take, my son and I ended up going to St. Claire's Hospital instead. Bang gave birth last night and I wasn't able to join the other Holyweekers when they visited her last night. Since I'm so near her area, I instructed the cab driver to the hospital. Good thing we didn't get lost.

Bang is doing really well for someone who just had a C-section. Ugh! We also got to see her daughter, Nikola Star, at the nursery. Yup, that's her name, pang-star ang dating! She looks just like Bang, actually. We took several photos of her, which consists mostly of her yawning. Francis used my other camera to take a video of her, yawning still. Antukin!

After visiting Bang, we finally headed to Manila Ocean Park. This time, for real. The line to buy the tickets was kinda long, being a weekend. After more than half an hour of waiting, finally, we were inside the Oceanarium.

Francis was so excited running from one area to the next that I could barely keep up taking photographs of him. And this was suppose to be my practice shoot! He had fun looking through some aquariums, but since there were too many people, he ignored the ones where he can't squeeze in. I took a few quick shots of the different underwater creatures we saw with Francis constantly reminding me not to use my flash. We stayed a bit longer at the Little Tikes playground set up at the end of the tour, which I think he enjoyed more.

As usual, a photo with the sign! Thanks for wonders of cropping.

Di kita ibang tao! Hehehe!

Grrr! Ang daming tao!

Finally, a solo!

The entire Oceanarium walk through had been pretty quick. We got in a little after 5pm and we're done way before 7pm. It was a little too disappointing for me.

With feet tired from walking the whole day, my son and I took a cab home. It was a good, long day and we ended it with a great (and unhealthy) meal from McDonald's 24-hour delivery. Hehehe!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

And a Star is Born!

By 8:30pm this evening, I got a text message from Ellen.

Bang already gave birth.

It's a baby girl at 6.7 pounds. Looks very much like Bang and fair-skinned pa!

Can't wait to see the star...

Congrats, Bang! Enjoy the journey towards motherhood!