Monday, April 23, 2007

A Text Message from Pete

Received: 23-04-2007, 09:56:44

"Uy kapatid, I checked my bag at nasa akin pala ang mga certificates. Kaloka. Cencia na po."

That was a text message from Pete Carillo, this year's newbie for our Holy Week / Asian adventure.

SIGH... Well, this is good news! There's no reason for us to go back to Mt. Kota Kinabalu to get ourselves a new set of climbing certificates! Yahoo!!! And the actual climb itself won't be forgotten after all... We have the proof to display it! Hehehe!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wow, Bali!

The moment I stepped inside the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, Indonesia, I fell in love with Bali... I haven't even passed the immigration, yet, I know I will definitely make plans of coming back here in the future.

Inside the airport, there are so many works of Hinduism art displayed. The architecture even, though modern, has touches of what I would later refer to as Javanese art. If only we were not pressed with time, we would have probably took photos of every corner of the airport! Ganda!

So, despite the many bags that I carried, I tried to take as much photos as I could get. They're only a few though. But they're all enough to give us a peek on what's instore for us in Bali.


Well, Bali isn't really that perfect. If only the taxi transport service was accommodating enough, then we wouldn't have that much of a problem. Only Nova, Ellen, Francis and I arrived early in Bali. The rest of the Holy Week Travellers took the original flight schedules that we had (which was later on delayed). The four of us changed to an earlier flight.

Anyway, the taxi transport service didn't want all four of us to ride 1 taxi cab. They said the car wasn't big enough to accommodate all of us, with all our luggages. DUH?! Francis is a 5-year-old kid, so, technically, there were only 3 adults in our group. 3 small adults!

We surveyed what these taxi cabs look like and frankly speaking, they look better than the taxi cabs we have here in Manila. It was definitely a car that could fit all of us... comfortably. And despite the many ways we tried to charm, harrass, and whatever else we can think of, they simply won't allow us to rent 1 taxi cab!

Knowing the cunning creatures that we really are, we finally got a taxi cab with Nova and Ellen hiding from one of the establishments near the parking lot. Of course, the people from the transport service has remembered that we're all four, but they finally believed us when I told them that they all left already in another cab! Hayyyy....

Thinking that this was a policy, we tried to forget about it, although, the incident has already made all of us irritated and tired. When the rest of the Holy Week Travellers arrived late that night at our inn, they told us that all 7 pax just took 2 taxi cabs to get to Kuta! And from that same taxi transport service in the airport! DUH?!?!?