Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1, 2009

I don’t usually go to cemeteries during November 1 or 2. The closest relative I have whose buried here in Metro Manila is my Mom’s grandmother. We never even met her. Though we were able to visit her tomb at the Manila South Cemetery a couple of times, my siblings and I never accompanied our Mom during the first of November.

But since my 6-week hiatus has made me bored and depressed, I decided to join my Mom in visiting her grandmother’s tomb today. I saw the November 1 event as an opportunity for me to take photographs.

So, by 8am, we were on our way to the Manila South Cemetery in Makati City. Good thing it was just near where I work, so I know the fastest route getting there. We only stayed a few minutes at my great grandmother’s tomb. We barely stayed for an hour. But it’s enough for me to take photographs. He! He! He!

We went back home to eat an early lunch. By 11am, we boarded a G-Liner bus bound for Taytay. This time, we are going to visit ‘Ta Rosie and her husband, ‘To Rudy, at the Sto. Rosario Memorial Park. ‘Ta Rosie is Mom’s cousin who died last year.

Though it was my first time to commute to such a far-off place since my major operation, surprisingly, I never had any difficulty. But it was one hell of a tiring day for me. At least, I got to do what I’ve wanted to do for 6 weeks now. And honestly, I feel so alive! He! He! He!

Don’t worry, I didn’t just take photos. Promise, I said a prayer or two for them.

Complete set of photos are in Multiply site: