Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ride the Zorb!!!

When Mokong saw photos of the Zorb displayed at their booth, he said, "Mommy, gusto ko nito!" Thinking that this was just a spur of
the moment decision, I told him, "Bukas, sa birthday mo." But really, I just said that to end the conversation so we can move on strolling along the Boracay shores.

Before sleeping that night, we plot out what we will do the next day to celebrate Mokong's birthday. After all the plans have been made, he asked, "Eh 'yung malaking ball?" Quickly, I replied, "Gusto mo ba talaga nun?" He said, "Oo, Mommy."

So the next day, exactly on his birthday, we went straight to the Zorb booth at Station 2 near D'Mall and booked ourselves for the Hydro-Ride.

And the rest... Well, let the photos & the video tell you the story.

Complete set of photos are in Francis's Multiply site: http://femtamayo.multiply.com/photos/album/57

Honestly, between the two of us, I am the one happier. Not because I had a blast riding the Zorb with my son... But because I am so
very glad to have a son with an adventurous soul!

Happy birthday, Mokong! Wishing you more adventures to come. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Barok! I always get entertained reading your blog. Keep on posting! :)

b.a.r.o.k said...

who are you?