Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When Do You Stop Helping?

By nature, I'd like to be left alone and let me figure out things and go through situations on my own -- my time and my terms. This has been a common complaint from good friends who knew (and sometimes, never knew at all) that I have gone through diffucult times. More often than not, they'll hear about this incident long after I've passed through them and survived.
On the other hand, I like helping out friends in whatever way I can. Sometimes, I even have to go out of my way just to make sure that I am there when needed. Everything for them without expecting anything back.
But then, when you've helped so much, so much more than what you can actually give, would it be okay to stop helping? When you've drained too much energy and there's nothing left for your own sake, would it be okay to say you've helped enough? Is it right to draw a line when you help a friend in need?
In my case, he's not even a friend...
And when I am inflicted with a moment of selfishness, I am reminded of the help I had when I was the one in need... There was none.
So, why then should I help now?

I have given my fair share of help. But obviously, it's not enough.

Why should I continue helping?

Because whether I admit to the truth or not, he is a part of my life. Because with whatever I have gone through in the past, I have survied them and I am honestly okay now. Because compared to the two of us, I ended up the better person.

But is being better also means we do not stop helping?


LiQuiDfiRe said...

we're kinda the same... well, i think we dont stop helping as long as we feel in our hearts that it is the right thing to do. but there are also circumstances that the best thing to do is not to help the person so that he/she will learn things on his/her own. :)

barok said...

SIGH... so true. so true.