Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolution

A couple of nights ago, I browsed through my blogs and realized that for the past year (as if that was ages ago), I made myself a "realistic" new year's resolution. Yup, realistic. No grand changes, no elaborate wishes, etc. Plain and simple resolutions that I thought then would be manageable.

Here's what I wrote last January 2, 2008:

1. Update my blogsites every so often, at least, once a month

Done! I've been religiously updating my Multiply and Blogspot sites this year despite my hectic schedule. Of course, there were more entries made while I was in hybernation (from work). And more photos were uploaded than write-ups in my journals. Well, at least, it's updated!

2. Go out and have fun with my son, at least, once a month. (If schedule doesn't permit this, hmmm.... once in two months?)

Well, this didn't happen much... But I'd like to believe that I was able to spend a considerable amount of time given the schedule I had the past year. They may only be a few dates, but I hoped they made a mark in my son's mind.

Let's see... I'll try to enumerate them on a monthly basis:

January - Busy
February - Busy
March - With the Holy Week trip, my son and I were able to go, tour and experience 4 different Asian countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore.
April - Since there weren't too much work during this month, I was able to spend more time with my son as I brought him to school for his swimming and taekwondo summer classes.
May - Took time out from my shoot and attended my son's Taekwondo promotion test at the Ateneo de Manila University. It's like a culminating activity of some sort that all Taekwondo students go through so they can be promoted into a higher belt. Of course, my son became a yellow-belter.
June - Hectic! Hectic! Hectic! So, whenever I can, I bring my son along at work so I can spend more time with him. Well, technically, he plays his Game Boy as I do my work. At least, we get to eat lunch together!
July - Went out malling with him. Also brought him to the Manila Ocean Park.
August - Guilty as hell for going to Sagada without tagging him along... Still, I got to spend time with him when he joined his first ever taekwondo tournament. Although he lost, we, together with the rest of my family, spent the day at the mall and in Tagaytay.
September - We were in Hong Kong and Macau for his 7th birthday!!!
October - Spent more time with my son by bringing him along in my photo shoots. He served as my "assistant," clicking the remote control whenever I take night photos.
November - Busy
December - Kawawa naman, he had to sleep through Christmas Eve instead of opening his gifts at home. He spent the night with me at the hospital during Christmas Eve. He left after lunch on Christmas Day so he could open his gifts at home... which I never got to see.
SIGH... I feel so guilty!

3. Lose 30 to 40 pounds within a year (Now, this is the understatement of the year... Tingnan nga natin...)
Hahaha! I lost about 10 to 15 pounds alone in the 5 days I got sick last week cause I couldn't eat anything. Parang ayoko naman yatang magpa-payat ng ganon. Hehehe! Don't worry, whatever I lost back then, I got them all back in one day once I went back to my normal eating habits! HAYYYYY.... Wag na, take this out in any new year's resolution. This is unrealistic. Hehehe!

So, am I making a list of resolutions for 2009?


Not that I can't keep up with my own list... But who needs a new year's resolution when you can simply change your ways at any day of the year. It doesn't have to be a new year... It could be on the middle of the year, for pete's sake! If I really need to change, I should change today. Right now. Not 365 days later.

I guess, my 2008 has been so blessed that I feel there's no need to make any drastic changes. Maybe, maintain what worked well? Oh, except for spending more time with my son. Yeah, I should definitely do more of this.