Monday, December 29, 2008

Be Thankful

Having had the time (too much time, actually) to ponder on what I should be thankful for in 2008, I realized that I simply cannot limit this with a mere list. I’ve been extremely blessed these past few years and 2008 has been an extension of these blessings that continuously pour into my life. I am humbled, by the mere thought of it, of how different life had turned out for me. Truly, I am loved.

But still, I’m gonna come up with a list… Basta, gusto ko eh!

I am thankful for the good health I’ve had throughout the entire year making me able to do my work properly. Although I got sick and spent Christmas Eve and Day in the hospital (got admitted on the 23rd and was discharged on the 27th), I believe its God’s way of saying, “There’s peace in silence, my child…” I am well now and will be able to welcome the great new year with a bang! (‘Wag lang masyadong malakas, please. Masakit pa rin sa ears… Hehehe!)

I am thankful for the 11 months and 10 days of nicotine abstinence. Although I faltered, God gave me back my strength to control myself the very next day. I am now on my 13th day.

I am thankful for the all the work and projects I’ve done. Although some tested the limits of my physical capacities, others challenged my mental and emotional abilities. More importantly, though, each and every project had its lesson to learn. And they were definitely well-learnt.

I am thankful for the few good men and women in my life called friends; those who stayed with me then and continue to believe in me now. Their support makes everyday a bearable day (which I realized, of course, on my very first day in Hong Kong! Hehehe!).

I am thankful for friends who have been enlightened; may they continue to hold their stand and enjoy the new challenges of life. (To you, I’m just a text away…)

I am thankful for all those who sent Christmas greetings through text, e-mail and yes, cards! The boring Christmas Eve and Day I’ve had in the hospital seemed tolerable after all. Forgive me if I had not returned most of your text messages, I was probably too groggy on my medz at that time. Pasensya rin to those who texted my Globe phone, merry Christmas na lang po. My phone was low in battery when I was admitted to the hospital and wasn’t able to charge it until I got back home. Since it’s a Jurassic phone, I lost all my messages.

I am thankful for all the opportunities to travel to different Asian countries with my son. Who would have thought 6 to 8 years ago that I’ll be able to do all these… with my son pa! God is truly amazing… And every time I think of it, I know that all my prayers of gratitude will never be enough.

I am thankful for my family who has steadily stood behind me in all these years. My life is good now because of all of your love.

I am thankful for my camera, yes, Cosme! For it not have been through typhoon Cosme, I wouldn’t have marveled on God’s great creation. Photography paved the way in re-discovering ME… The one I’ve set aside to give way to the parent in me. May I continue to be an instrument in showing others how blessed we all are because of all of God’s gifts.

I am thankful for them – they rocked my world, brought the storms in my life… But I am more thankful for the patience and understanding; I have survived them and continue to survive them… I am a true-blue survivor.

I am thankful for my son who’s turning out to be a fine, young boy. He’s my rock, my reason for being and my savior.

Do I need to ask for anything more? Yes.

I pray for strength so I may continue to fight the good fight and serve as a living testament of how powerful God’s love is – that it pierces through even to the most stubborn and unfaithful.

Cheers to a great 2008! May we all have a better and brighter 2009!