Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Way to Start the Week

I bring my son to school every morning for his 7am class. Usually, I would go straight to work, with or without something to work on that needed early attention. I just like being at work earlier than most people and enjoying my quiet little time to check personal e-mails, update and be updated on the different social networking sites that I belong to, drink coffee without having to rush it, etc.

Working on 3 different projects right now meant that by 9am, my phones will start ringing (eh, 2 pa mobile phones ko!), e-mails about work will start pouring in, co-workers will start talking with you about work or whatever, and a gazillion things about this and that will have to be done right away.

So, when I got to work at exactly 7:30am, I went on with my usual routine. Took out my mug from my locker, went to the pantry and made my coffee. Went back to my table, pulled out my laptop from my bag and... Geez! I froze! Where the hell is my power cord?!

Waaahhhhh!!!! I left it at home!!!

Maybe my battery will last until my brother could bring my power cord here in Makati. So, I called up home hoping he has a meeting somewhere in Makati this morning. But I was out of luck. He doesn't have any meeting.
No choice.

I got my sling bag, made one last look at my coffee, and left the office.

It took a few minutes before I could get a cab. When I finally got into one, rain suddenly poured. Whew! Close call. Since it was still a bit early, it only took 20 minutes for me to get to my place. I asked the cab driver if it was okay for him to go back to Makati later, he politely declined saying that traffic will be worse by the time we go back. Yup, I have to stress politely because not many drivers will decline the way he did. Ok, no problem.

As soon as I got my power cord, I left the house and hoped that a sidecar (de padyak) would be somewhere out on the street so I can go to the main road faster. There was none. And if all bad luck really comes in three, the rain suddely poured. Grrr...

I got to the main road and waited for a cab. It was already 8am and by this time, cabs are really choosy especially if your destination is Makati. A jeepney pulled in front of me. Hayyy, eto na lang. So I went back to work in the same route and modes of transportation I usually take every morning. That's 3 jeepney rides, 1 tricycle ride and 1 block to walk to.


When I got to my table, I looked at my comfort drink and hoped it was still warm enough to really comfort me. Syempre, it was not. Frustrated, I went back to the pantry and made myself a new mug of coffee.

Kainis! What a way to start my week!