Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thank Heavens for an assignment we had in my photography workshop, I was able to try out a crude do-it-yourself lighting set-up to take photos of some kitchenware. Since I kinda liked the result, I did the same crude lighting set-up again, this time, to photograph my mug collection.

Yes, mugs.

My mug collection started in 2000 when I bought myself a souvenir from Sagada, Mountain Province. Being a coffee addict, it was only natural for me to buy a coffee mug. But when I got back to Manila, I felt the mug was too artistically-made to be used merely for my morning coffee. Wag na lang. I opted to display it.

Since then, I've been buying all sorts of mugs from all places I've been to, here and abroad (some of my mugs were given to me). Yup, instead of pins, keychains, or refrigerator magnets, I collect mugs. Unfortunately, not all provinces or cities have souvenir mugs. In their absense, I opt for shot glasses. And if there's still none, anything that kinda looks like a mug will do. Hehehe!

I still lack a lot of mugs. SIGH... So, if you happen to go to these places, pwede ba akong magpabili? Hehehe. Or does that mean I'm going back to these places? (I wouldn't mind, really!)

- Rizal (oo, ang lapit, diba?)
- Cavite (sa dinami-dami na nang napuntahan ko sa Cavite, wala talaga akong mug nila!)
- Nueva Vizcaya
- Siquijor
- Antique
- Capiz
- Guimaras
- Bataan (kahit Corregidor na nga lang uli eh)
- Zambales (ilang beses na ba akong nag-shooting sa Subic?)
- Quezon
- Agusan del Norte- El Nido, Palawan (although meron na naman ako ng Palawan)

Adik ba ako sa mga mugs? Kasi naman, I realized recently that my mug collection represents the different stages of my life. Uh-huh. So, instead of being regular souvenirs, I treat them as my trophies from battling the many adversities of my complicated life. Simply put, these mugs are my mugs of accomplishments.

Drama! Eto na nga ang mga photos ng mugs ko...

Individual photos of my mugs are in my Byaheng Barok Multiply site.