Sunday, October 12, 2008

52 Weeks of Frozen Time

We learn by practice. Period.
As much as I want to practice freezing time everyday, my work (what else is new?) limits me to do this. Limit, but not stop.
So, from now on, I will take photos and practice as much I can. Every week, I will choose one photo (out of how many or how few I'll be able to shoot) which I will upload here. That one photo should be my best for that week... Well, at least best for me. Camera details will be in the description portion.
And you!!! Yes, you!!! You are all very welcome to make C&Cs. The more C&Cs, the better, thus, helping me improve. Good and bad? I'm here to learn.My only rule for this "personal project/contest" is that the photo to be uploded should have been taken during the current week (from Sunday to Saturday). Parang photo diary, pero weekly nga lang.
By next year, around this time, I should have been able to upload 52 photos. And I should have improved by then? Sana... Let's see.
Covered week: October 5 to October 11; Camera Model: Nikon D80 (as if I'll be having a new camera model anytime soon! hehehe!; Flash Mode: No Flash; Focal Length: 50mm; F-Number: F/22;E xposure Time: 1/90 sec.; ISO Speed: ISO-800; Metering Mode: Pattern; Exposure Program: Shutter Priority; Exposure Compensation: 0 step; Date/Time Taken: 10/11/2008, 7:34am; "Unphotoshopped" except for putting in my watermark
"In learning and straightway practicing is there not pleasure also?" -- Confucious


Sidney said...

That is a good start... a very colorful picture...

To give it a 10/10 I would have wished a person gazing out of the window...

(preferably a beautiful girl ;-)

byahengbarok said...

thanks for appreciating the photo! i doubt if a person could fit in there, it's a mere bathroom window. hehehe! i seldom put in people in my photographs too. i'm just not fond of photographing them.