Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weather Update

I just came back from the Sto. Domingo area at Quezon Avenue to have my photos developed. Hindi naman masyadong masaya ang maglakad under the rain!!! Will the weather in Hong Kong and Macau be like this too? Hindi 'ata ako na-gets ni Lord. Ang prayer ko, "Lord, have mercy." What he heard ata was "Lord, have marce"... Wehhhh!!! Tama na, corny na ako. :P

Anywayze, despite the numerous weather forecast websites available in the net, we, in production, rely on a few "credible" ones. But, Direk Matthew, being a British, believes more in the forecasts of BBC. And in fairness to him, so far, with all the forecasts BBC had during our should-we-shoot-or-cancel-tomorrow decision-makings, it only failed once.

So, when I got home, I quickly checked all these "credible" websites again. And I really, really love the look of the 5-day weather forecast from BBC.
SIGH... Kino-convince ko lang ba ang sarili ko?