Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, rain, go away... Come again late next week!

When "Marce" was reported entering the Philippine responsibility a couple of days ago, I panicked. I quickly counted the number of days when it was assumed to make a landfall. Since then, I've been monitoring the weather reports in PAGASA, Accuweather, BBC, CNN and Daig ko pa ang may shooting sa location!

Earlier this week, I prayed that the rains would come, just so I can have a clear weather by this weekend. But when "Marce" came to the picture, and it rained like cats and dogs yesterday, I got depressed. If "Marce" will be leaving this weekend, than it means it's gonna be in Hong Kong by the time we get there. Waaaahhhhh!!!! Of course, with a different name.

Although I was prepared to tour Hong Kong and Macau under the rain, still, it would be such a hassle. Just imagine, I'll be bringing my camera with me, my tripod, a 7-year-old kid & his change of clothes, an umbrella, 2 liters of bottled water, and all my other kikay stuff! Sa dami ng dala ko, alas-1 pa lang, mainit na ang ulo ko!!! Grrr... And then I won't be able to take photos pa 'cause of the rain. SIGH... Parusa!

But, lo and behold! When I checked the PAGASA website this morning, "Marce" has now moved 230 kms east of Basco, Batanes. So, it has moved north east, away from Hong Kong and Macau! EAST!!!! Yehey!!!

Accuweather also reports of partly sunny and cloudy skies for the entire weekend. I'll take that then get soak under the rain and my son and I won't be able to do anything while in Hong Kong and Macau.

Pray! Pray! Pray! That's what I'm gonna do from this very minute until we touch back down at the NAIA on Monday night. Please, please, please. I've been planning this trip for ages now and I just wanted it to be perfect.

It's my son's 7th birthday on Saturday and since I never had that much time this year and the previous year to spend time with him, I wanted a birthday gift of simply spending great time with him. The last time we travelled together, na kami lang talaga, was in 2005 pa when we went to Puerto Galera. This trip is our first out-of-the-country get-away na kaming dalawa lang. Sure, it's great travelling with the "adikkks", but there's really nothing to beat an ultimate bonding trip with my son.

Rain, rain, go away... Come again late next week!