Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mokong & Stariray

Last week, my son and I were shopping for a new pair of rubber shoes. On our way to the counter, we passed by the babies' shoes section and he found this really cute & tiny pair of blue shoes with pink heart at the middle. Francis said, "Mommy, let's buy this... For the baby."

He! He! He! Before you panic, that baby, of course, is Stariray.

So, just this afternoon, Francis & I went to Bang's house so Francis can give the shoes to Stariray himself.

He's so fond of Stariray, but he was also firm in saying "no" when I told him we'll be bringing Stariray home to live with us. Seloso? He! He! He!

Anywayze, here's a peek into their photos (as usual, I brought my camera with me).

Nagchi-chismisan na, ke babata pa!

Turuan bang mag-game boy agad ang Stariray?

More photos are in my son's Multiply account. Click here to view those photos.