Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't Panic, Barok

I was suppose to write about hospitals today.

While I was there this morning, I thought of how much I like being in the hospital -- the smell, the squeaky clean surroundings, the white-colored uniform of the people working there -- everything in it. Oh, this doesn't mean that I'm hoping to get sick and be a patient in the hospital. It's just that there's this little something in me that still longs to be a doctor. Yup, I wanted to be a doctor. Seriously. But family matters, health issues and school possibilities "prevented" me from pursuing this path. Instead, I opted for a course that seemed "new" and "acceptable".

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed taking up Communication Arts and more importantly, being a part of Artistang Artlets in UST. If I had not taken up an AB course or joined AA, then I wouldn't be where I am today.

But this entry isn't about my college life. It's about my being in the hospital. I was there for a simple should-have-been-once-a-year-check-up-but-never-really-bothered-to-do-so with my doctor.

I like my doctor... a lot. She's very soft-spoken (being an Ilonggo) and very motherly-like. She takes time in explaining things to me and never makes me panic for anything. As a matter of fact, she gave me permission to travel even if I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. He! He! He!

Anywayze, I went to her since I've been "feeling" something different these past several months. I just really wanna make sure that it's normal.

But it was not.

She checked me up, not once, but twice. She wasn't quite sure with the first one so she had to double check and do it all over again. Really, it bothered her. So, she asked me to have an ultrasound. But, the ultrasound was inconclusive. She now wants to wait for the results of the test she made, which will come out on Tuesday. No problem, I'll just have to go back on Tuesday then. She warned me, though, that there might be a need for a biopsy.

Ha? Biopsy? Ano yun? Of course, I heard about it and I knew about it... But I never really bothered to understand what it's all about. Malay ko ba...

I quickly searched for it in my Blackberry (kasi nasa hospital pa nga ako) so I can learn more about it. It's basically a simple procedure. But you see, I've never really been sick to the point where I need to be hospitalized. I only got to stay in a hospital when I gave birth to my son. Other than that, I just had the typical flu, cough, colds and skin allergies. Nothing serious. So the sound of a "biopsy" is something scary for me.

Without being too medical and technical (haven't talked to my sister about this yet), my cervix has bumps all around the linings of its wall. It should have been smooth, my doctor said. She doesn't know what these bumps are and she's bothered that there's so many of it. It didn't look normal.

The best way to know what these bumps are is by taking a sample. I would have to be put under anesthesia when this needs to be done. (Oh no, not again? Maraming glutaphos na naman ang kelangan ko?) Only then can she know what these bumps are and how it should be treated. Alright then, we'll just have to discuss it when we get the results on Tuesday.

So, I left, feeling weird and bothered. But, I don't think I can do anything much about my situation. Wait na lang ako until Tuesday for the results.

Depressed, I went to Quiapo to buy myself a tripod, a new UV filter, a lenspen and a remote control for shutter release. Weeee!!!!! :)


barok said...

hello barok! I haven't read all of your blogs but I'm happy to have read some of them. When I have time-I'll follow them through. My baby name-is actually Barok.
I like your blogs...Servas!
Good day!