Friday, September 12, 2008

City Econo Guest House, Hong Kong

I found the City Econo Guest House from PEX. Although Os pointed a nearer guesthouse at the Tsim Sha Tsui area, the USA Hotel, I decided to go for the City Econo Guest House based on the raving reviews from the Pexers who stayed there. I found 1 negative comment though but I figured that was probably from a person who wasn't used to staying in guesthouses.

The City Econo Guest House can be reached from the airport by taking either the bus or the train. According to the guesthouse's website, bus numbers A21 and A22 will bring us to the Jordan MTR Station, the 14th bus stop. But since we couldn't find the bus stops at the airport, my son and I decided to the take the MTR. Although there were four train interchanges, the C2 exit at the Jordan Station was just a few meters away from the entrance of the City Econo Guest House.

The City Econo Guest House is situated near the busy area of Nathan Road. The road where it's at, Pilkhem Street, is very much like any of the streets we have at Binondo. So, if you're looking for hotels found at the Nathan Road, I don't think the City Econo Guest House is for you.

Even the building entrance may be a shock to others with no experience at all staying at guesthouses or pension inns. The entrance was filthy and narrow. The elevator looked like it could never ever get to the 6th floor. Now I understand why one mother in PEX gave negative comments on this guesthouse. It really looked kinda gross.

Trying to keep my spirits up, I recalled some of the reviews I read about other guesthouses in the internet. A lot of foreigners complained about these type of guesthouses in Hong Kong, but there were also some who posted their personal photos of their rooms which I think looked decent anyway. A lot of these guesthouses rent the entire floors from old and not-so-well-maintained buildings and simply beautify their specific floors. I figured, this might be the same case for this guesthouse.

As soon as the elevator door opened, the entire scenario looked different. It was like we were in a different building.

The lobby or reception area, if you can call it that, is small but very, very clean. I was met by Jenny, the one I was corresponding with via e-mail. We were ushered to Room 612 along a very narrow, but well-ventilated hallway. At the end of the hall is Room 612.

Our room is, well, small and narrow. It has a double bed, aircon, a small table, a chair, a TV and 1 bathroom. I really don't want to be anal about the size of the room because, really, when I think about it, the available space to walk around the room is just about the same amount of space I have in our room in Manila. Francis, though, laughed when he saw the bathroom. "Ang liit, Mommy, hindi kasya si Ate Norma!" referring to his yaya (bastos 'tong bata na 'to!)

But the room is comfortable, very cool and squeaky clean, I have nothing to complain (just don't open your windows). It's good enough to stay for a good night sleep, which is our purpose of staying here.

The City Econo Guest House also has a refrigerator along the hallway where anyone can store their bottled drinks (just make sure it's properly named!). They also have their own pantry with microwave, water heater, sink, mugs, spoons, etc. Not bad at all.

As a bonus, they sell Disneyland and Ocean Park tickets at a discounted price, HKD 10 less than the original price.

So, would I recommend this place to other travellers? Yes!!! But only if they're very much aware about guest houses and pension inns in Asia.


Anonymous said...

nice review.i'm actually looking for people who aren't fuzzy.i hate reviews saying the place is filthy,full of bugs,people are mean,etc just because they're not used to it.

thanks.might as well try this place..:)

btw,i foung this thru google.

byahengbarok said...

hi! thanks. i'm glad you found this to be helpful.

Anonymous said...

how much did you pay for your room?

b.a.r.o.k said...

paid HKD 350 :)

Pax_Aisa said...

mahal ng inns sa HK, we stayed at YES Inn it's slightly bigger pero your room looks cuter. Hehe. Same same lng din rate but the receptionist is Pinay so ok na din. :) nice blog its super informative:)

barok said...

san po banda yung YES Inn? sa may chungking mansion ba yun or something? pa-post naman po ng details... baka balang araw, makabalik ulit kami dun :-)