Sunday, August 17, 2008

Was It A Morning Like This?

Yesterday's sunrise was disappointing. Today's is simply spectacular.

For the first time in almost a decade of travelling, I'm glad I have this "travel sickness" of waking up way before I'm suppose to. Yup, for today, the calltime for breakfast was at 9am and I had set up my alarms at 8am. I wanted so much to wake up late and take advantage of a normal vacation without having to worry about projects left in Manila.

But, I woke up at 5:30am. And I'm glad I did.

If you're familiar with Gospel music or Sandi Patti, then you probably have heard the song "Was it a morning like this?" And that's exactly what I wanted to sing when I saw the blue and orange sky outside my window. But I didn't sing the song... baka umulan!

I stood up, got my camera and brisk-walked towards the beach. I even got to the side of Kota Beach Resort while taking photographs! (Ooops! Binantayan pa ako ni Manong Guard!)

Here are some of my sunrise photos on my second day at Bantayan Island. Sayang, if only I had a tripod and a filter.

More of my sunrise photos in my Byaheng Barok Multiply site.

P.S.: And if you want to know Sandi Patti's "Was it a morning like this?", here's a link I found in YouTube: