Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stariray's Picture Party

We had our usual picture party last night. But, instead of viewing the slideshows of our recent Bantayan and Malapascua adventure, we ended up taking more photographs... Not of us, but of Stariray!!! Kawawang bata... She can't sleep cause the first batch of would-be Ninangs who saw her played with her as if she's a doll -- dressing her up, giving her different hair styles, etc. She got so tired that she ended up sleeping on her own, at the bed, without being carried. And when the second batch of would-be Ninangs came, no type and level of noise can wake her up from her deep sleep. She was too tired to wake up even for her milk! He! He! He!

Ang cute!!! Inggit ako :-(

Costume change number one


Sleeping soundly while holding Mommy's hand

Click here for more of Stariray's photos during our picture party.