Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sagada Guesthouse

When my Holy Week friends and I went to Sagada during the peak season of, when else, the Holy Week 2000, we ran out of rooms and beds to stay in. The Tourist Information Center at the Sagada Municipal Hall referred us to St. Theodore's Hospital.

Yep, during peak season, the hospital, school and even the municipal hall, open their doors to travellers with dormitory-type accommodations. They usually charge the same rate as in the other dormitories in Sagada. They have stacks of thin matresses and comforters ready for disposal at any time.

But we never stayed at the hospital. Our guide then, Daiw, referred us to the school. It seemed a better choice.

Since Jane, Val, Yumi and I are here in Sagada on a lean season, I wasn't worried as to where we could stay. Top-of-the-mind choice is the St. Joseph's Inn. I recommended this dormitory-type of accommodation to the girls to make the cost of the entire trip cheaper. The idea of sharing a bathroom with others doesn't seem to please them.

My second choice is the Sagada Guesthouse. Having eaten here a lot way back in 2000, it seemed like a good guesthouse to be in. Other than knowing that they have rooms with its own bathroom, I know nothing else about the place.

But, Sagada Guesthouse, obviously, won. When we got there, they have a room available for 4 people for PhP 1,200 only. We checked out the room first before making a confirmation. Seemed like a decent place, so we took it.

The Sagada Guesthouse is a good choice as it has its own restaurant and mini-grocery store. It is also located at the center of the town so everything else is near. Plus, they have a super caring manong at the front desk who got so worried when we didn't come home at 10pm today... He was about to report us missing at the police station. Hehehe!

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