Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paco Park

On this Thursday morning, bored from staying too much at home (I don't have a project, that's why), I decided to go to Paco Park to take pictures. It seemed a perfect place to shoot compared to Intramuros (lagi na lang may nag-shu-shoot dun), Rizal Park (mapagkamalan pa akong photographer na nagde-develop ng instant photos), or Quiapo/Binondo (dare to take your camera out). With Paco Park, everything is confined within its walls and not many people would usually go there. I'm pretty sure I'll have the privacy I need. But when I got there, kamusta naman, the entire park is undergoing renovation! Oh, well...

The rest of my photos are in my Multiply site. C&Cs are welcome (but be gentle, hehehe) :-)

Also took photos in black and white. Sana, tama. Click here to see the black and white photos in Multiply.