Monday, August 4, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing


I woke up all sweaty despite the cold air that envelops Sagada. An effect of the "hilot" (local massage) we had this evening probably. I pulled down my 3-layered blanket, so it wouldn't be too warm for me, and tried to go back to sleep.

But I can't.

Despite the closed windows, I could still hear the roar of the winds outside. The glass shatters ocassionally when the winds come in too strong. If the winds are like music, I am listening to heavy metal and rock combined.

Was it also like this the other night? I was too tired to notice anything I didn't even know at what point I fell asleep. I'm trying to remember what the scenario was like when I suddenly woke up at 4am yesterday. No, I don't think I heard these winds yesterday morning.

When we met Orion Daoas (our guide) yesterday, he said there were two storms coming. When we had our manghihilot over earlier, she said that a storm, out of the two, has already entered the Philippines. As a matter of fact, the buses bound for Sagada has already made more than the usual stopovers to let the fog, rain & winds pass by.

Being a natural worrier, doubled more when I became a parent, I thought of our bus trip to Baguio later today. Would it be safe? The bus trip we had from Baguio to Sagada had been a breeze, despite the rains and the near-zero visibility due to the thick fog on the mountains, because I knew that there were no typhoons coming. And now that the low pressure area forecasted these past few days had turned into typhoons with names, should I start worrying?

As the oldest from our group and the perpetrator of this trip, I feel responsible for the "kids" that I am with. Sure, they're all old enough to make their own decisions and we all came here at our own free will, but that doesn't stop me from worrying. Somehow, I feel responsible for them.


I am writing this entry in the e-mail application of my Blackberry, ready to be sent to my blog when the GPRS signal goes stronger.

The winds seem to have stopped now.


I didn't want to open my eyes and face the reality... The roar of the winds are getting stronger again. Should I wake up the kids and discuss with them the possibility of postponing our trip back to the city for safety reasons? Or, at least, take the third to the last trip to ensure that there will be two more buses more to save us, just in case we run into some problems on the mountain roads?


The winds seem to have stopped. But I could hear the rain getting louder and louder.


I decided to sit up and look out at my window. The winds have stopped now. The skies paused from pouring more rain. Somehow, it seemed like it's gonna be a great day after all.

SIGH... Much ado about nothing.

Can I sleep now?