Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Love 'Em All

The Sagada trip was the first time I used my camera in action, that is, during travelling.

Sure, I brought and used it for several times during TV commercial shoots, but usually, there was a "safe" place where I can put my camera when I need to do something urgent. And since TV commercial shoots use delicate and expensive film camera equipments, any crew I leave my camera with will surely know how to handle it properly.

But bringing a camera during a trip is another story. Being new to this hobby (again!), I didn't have that much accessories yet to ensure the safety of my camera. Not only were they expensive, but this Sagada trip was also kinda unplanned. In short, I had no choice but to rely on whatever I had at home.

So, here's a list of the stuff I bought with me in Sagada:

1. Unomat Video-Photo Bag -- This was an old camera bag I bought in Quiapo way back in 2004(?) which I bought just so I can store my Nikon F-301 camera properly. It was the last time I used my film camera. He! He! He!

2. Rubbermaid Waterproof Sling Bag -- Waterproof bags were introduced to me and my friends in 2005 when our guides from the De Oro Mountain Explorers of Misamis Oriental used it to keep our cameras and mobile phones dry as we traversed the Kweba de Oro. Not only did the bag looked cool, but it would be very useful for us, especially since we frequent beaches and island hoppings. So, the following year, we either bought a smaller version of that waterproof bag or Pelican cases at various sizes.

Since I've been bringing my son along during my Holy Week trips, I decided to buy a new waterproof bag, this time, bigger and with a strap. I just bought this Rubbermaid Waterproof Sling Bag just a couple of weeks ago, and the timing was just perfect.

3. Water-resistant jacket bought from ukay-ukay -- Yup! Yup! Yup! This jacket has been with me for several years now and it has been very effective during rainy shoots and stormy island hoppings.
4. Umbrella -- It's the rainy season! Who goes out without one these days?
5. Olympus Stylus 725 SW -- When unsure of the weather and the terrain, use this camera. It's my one-year old waterproof and shockproof point-and-shoot camera.

So, here's me fully geared up. Unomat Video-Photo Bag inside the Rubbermaid Waterproof Sling Bag which I can just place anywhere (on the soil, on the mud, wherever!) as I take photos fully covered (and my camera protected) with my water-resistant jacket and umbrella.
Do I love my stuff? I love 'em all!!! They served their purpose perfectly.