Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Improving or Tsamba?

Recently, I've started joining e-groups, discussion boards and other social networking sites related to photography. I seldom post queries or photos since I'm not too confident with my photography skills yet.

But since I wanted to know from other photographers if the photographs I have taken so far are on the right track, I braved posting several photos of my recent Paco Park practice. Much to my disappointment, only one gave a comment. Still, I'm quite thankful that a handful passed by my Multiply site to take a look at the other photos I took. Whatever their opinions were, I had no idea.

So, when I took photos of the beaches of Bantayan and Malapascua Islands during nighttime, I decided to post these photos again in Digital Photography Philippines' Multiply site. I didn't post everything, just the photos I thought looked best. And here's what the other's got to say about it:

Night for Day in Digital Photography Philippines

So, am I happy now?

Nope, not quite.

I was trained with film SLRs way back in college. No matter how frustrating it was to practice and not seeing whether you did right or wrong until you had the film processed and developed, it was more comforting to know that a good photograph was taken because it was shot with the correct settings and composition. I corrected mine using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Though the changes I made were limited to rotating and cropping to adjusting the brightness and curves of the photographs, I, somehow, feel like the photograph isn't mine. Is that normal?

Oh, well... I guess I'll just have to keep on practicing then.