Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Blogsites on Macau!

For several days now, I have kept myself busy plotting an itinerary for my next destination: Hong Kong and Macau. Not realizing it 'til this morning, most of the stuff I have researched were all for my Hong Kong leg. And for Macau? Nada. I haven't even booked an accommodation yet!

In panic, I quickly searched the PinoyExchange site (it's really a great resource for anything under the sun). But since there are almost 200 discussion pages on Macau alone, I got tired when I reached page 18.

I also searched Google for a "one day itinerary in Macau" and I came across these two great sites:

Both blogs are worth checking out. It has photos, descriptions, and other important details that any first-time tourist in Macau will appreciate. It's like having a brochure at hand with correct calculations on the time spent for each tourist spot. It was perfect for an "un-harrassed walking tour to take photos of Macau's architecture with a kid in tow". So perfect for me!

Hmmm... But how do I trackback to their sites?