Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Frustrated with Blogger

I've been with Blogger for several years now and with all the social networking and blog sites available in the internet, I find Blogger to be the most user-friendly and reliable of all.

Being a busy-bee these past few months, I seldom get to update my two sites: Byaheng Barok and Holy Week Travellers. But now that I got all the time in the world, I made use of this time to update these two sites, both the content and the design.

With Byaheng Barok, I have updated my Adsense account and post entries, as you can see. With the Holy Week Travellers, I wanted to changed the design layout. Posting new entries will have to be done later this weekend.

But luck of all lucks, I accidentally clicked on "Revert to Classic Template" for my Holy Week Travellers account. It didn't seem to be a problem as reverting back to an upgraded template is also just a click away. Well, it was suppose to...

When I got to the "Customized Design" at the Template section, there was no "Upgrade Template" button. I searched frantically for it as I didn't like the look of any of the classic templates provided by Blogger... But to no avail.

I also searched in Blogger help and other internet sites but everything points out to clicking the "Upgrade Template". There were no queries answered that pertain to this particular problem. I reckon that this is only a problem encountered today. All the post entries I read were dated today.

SIGH... I hope Blogger will be able to fix this soon... Sooner than tomorrow I hope.