Saturday, August 23, 2008

Budyong Beach Resort, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu

During the planning stages of our Cebu "holyweekly" trip, I was harrassed with three projects. As much as I want to make a career out of doing our itinerary, I simply didn't have time in my hands. But being the addict that I truly am, I still found time last June to squeeze in one research at Google, a resort in Bantayan Island. And the first blog I clicked with a photo of a resort and contact details in Bantayan Island, I immediately downloaded it and e-mailed to the rest of my friends.

Eventually, it was Laiza who planned the itinerary, made bookings for the accommodation and contacted all our modes of transportation. And Budyong Resort, the one I saw in the internet, was not a disappointment at all.

The resort has individual and duplex-type of cottages, some are fan-cooled, some with air- conditioning units. At first glance, the cottages seemed to be made of nipa (we got there at night), very much like how rooms were like in Camiguin Seaside Lodge. The thought of "tuko" (large lizard) crawling our ceilings scared the hell out of us. But no, the rooms were a combination of concrete, wood and nipa. It has basic amenities, but it's comfortable.

As of last June, the room rates that Laiza e-mailed to us were:

Aircon rooms:
good for 2 - Ps. 1,200
good for 4 - Ps. 1,400
good for 6 - Ps. 2,000

Fan rooms:
good for 2 - Ps. 500
good for 4 - Ps. 1000

Extra pax in a room is Ps. 150

We stayed in a duplex-cottage, very beach front. So beach front that during high tide, the sea was just several meters away from our window. It was great. We could sleep listening to the sound of the waves.... Hmmm... Well, we thought so.

Our first night was spent constantly checking out the scenario outside our window. The winds were too strong and the trees rocked back and forth. Even the galvanized sheets on the roof sound like it'll get ripped off at anytime. We thought there was a storm coming. Good luck! And we're really here at the beach front! But there was no rain, it was just all wind. We desperately tried to sleep, but it was kinda hard hearing so many "windy" sounds.

The second night was more peaceful. It was the kind of night when you can just sleep right there on the beach.

Our beach is also a good location for a great sunrise, although Kota Beach Resort is better simply because it's nearer to a gazebo which can be a good subject for sunrise photographs.

Swimming in front of our cottage is also great. Whether it's high tide or low tide, the water is clean and cool. There are also staff who regularly clean the beach.

The resort is just walking distance from the town plaza. So even if their restaurant was closed during Saturdays (no staff working on Saturdays because the owners are Adventists), going to a restaurant towards the plaza wasn't a problem.

All in all, the Budyong Beach Resort is really a great place to stay. It has a great location, a super-duper helpful staff, and contacts with van and boat transfers. But more importantly, it's cheap. For a fan-cooled room for 4 pax, the cost per person would only be PhP 250.00. Not bad, not bad at all.

Here's Budyong Beach Resort's contact number: (032) 438-5700, 438-9040. They have a website, but the last time I checked, it wasn't working.

More photos of the resort from my Byaheng Barok Multiply site.


pusa said...

hi we're planning to go to cebu and is still undecided if we'll check in at budyong or kota... which beach will u recommend?

aside from a good sunrise photo op at kota what else is there that is better than budyong or vice versa?

thanks a lot :)

byahengbarok said...

hi! i'm so sorry but i don't think i would be much of a help :(

i haven't been or seen the inside of kota so i have no basis for comparison.

budyong is fairly simple. if you're so used to hotels and other high end accommodations, you might have a "difficult" stay at budyong. my friends and i are a bit of backpackers so a good bed, clean bathroom and toilet and good privacy are already great for us.

pusa said...

thanks for your immediate response :)

btw very nice photos you got here and your posts are really helpful, thanks again

byahengbarok said...

you're welcome :)

joven said...

can i ask how much the rate during holy week in BUDYONG BEACH RESORT,, THE REGULAR rooms,,coz i am planning to visit there with my family, we're 4 persons..hope the rply ASAP thanks..