Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And She was 88...

My Lola Naling died the other day. Oh, I'm not grieving so don't send me condolences. I barely knew her. She was the sister of my grandfather and she lived in different places here and abroad so I never get to spend that much time with her. I knew her simply because she would stay at our house whenever she's here in Manila.

Last August 2, while I was on my way to Sagada, Mountain Province, I received a call from my brother telling me that Lola Naling had an accident and she was in a critical condition in a hospital back in the States.

A couple of days ago, relatives in the States decided to "pull the plug" as my Lola's conditioned worsened. Even if she gets better, life would definitely be a whole lot different from how she used to live it.

She died at the good age of 88.

This morning, my mom set straight the story on my Lola's accident. She said, according to our relatives, my Lola booked for a group tour going to Colorado bringing a stroller-type of luggage. While pulling her luggage, she accidentally tripped on a platform and fell down. Hands still holding her luggage's handle, the luggage swung up into the air and landed straight on her back.

What a good way to die.

Don't get me wrong, but I'm glad she died the way that she did -- she died while she was out for another travel adventure.

That's why I barely know her. She was always in some place travelling, sometimes alone, sometimes with her sister, Lola Edith. When I was younger, I remember her calling my Mom saying she'll be in Manila for a vacation. A few days after, she's there outside our house, knocking. And it's not like we had to prepare for her visit. Oftentimes, she's out meeting other people or going to other places. She always had some place to go to.

I envy her. Old age never made her stop travelling. Old age became a part of the adventure. And though she died accidentally, at least, she did while doing what she love most. That's life living to the fullest.