Sunday, July 27, 2008


I've been playing Zuma since late last year. And early this year, I have finished the game about 3 times already. Addict ba ako? Oo!

Being a naturally-born addict, I decided to play the game again and try to finish it in one continuous game. Yup, starting from Level 1 to Level 13, with no stopping. Hehehe! Addict nga ako!

So, last night, I opened Zuma, clicked on Adventure and started with Level 1. I've passed through all the different levels with no difficulty... Until I got to Level 10. That was when I started losing balls into the skull. With teary eyes and uncontrollable-shaking hands, I still managed to finish Level 13-1 in no time (or should I say at 2am today). Yahoo! I finished with 860,850 points, still with 10 more lives! Hehehe!

SIGH... See how I've been spending my non-working days? Such a waste of time! And I even bothered to put it here in my blog?!

This is what happens when a workaholic suddenly runs out of projects. Hehehe!

Penge na nga ako ng project! :P