Monday, July 28, 2008

No Classes!

Monday... Gotta wake up early... It's the first day of the week... It's harder to commute going to school... And it's not good to start this new week by being tardy.

So, before 7am, my son and I were already crossing the street towards the gates of DBTC... Only to be stopped by a magtataho at the gate.

"Ma'am, walang pasok."

NYEK! So, that's why there's no sidecar parked in front of the little school near our house... That's why we never had difficulty taking a ride... And that's why we never encountered traffic... Cause there's no classes in all levels of elementary and high school.


So, we both went back home and Francis played at the playground na lang as I practice taking photos of him... Better let him play at the playground, then spend the time playing PSP and Game Boy. Hmp!

More of his photos in Francis' multiply site.