Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day with Francis

After my son and I had our vacation during the Holy Week, I was still able to spend a lot more time with him as I only had one project lined up. And that was good. Because of my unhectic" schedule, I was able to balance work and motherhood. What's even better was that I was able to bring my son to his two summer sports classes: swimming and taekwondo.

But vacations, summer classes and tuition fees, all put together for two months, could really put a hole in your pocket. So, when projects start coming in by May, I squeezed them all in my director's calendar, giving up our highly-treasured weekends... with his knowledge and permission, of course.

Having schedules these past 9 weekends (with an 18-hour work during weekdays) had disoriented me from my son's schedules and activities. So, on my first weekend off, we graced the streets of the metro and spent an entire day together.

Our first stop was the Gateway Mall in Cubao.

My original plan of window shopping and canvassing brought me to the plasticky gardens of Parkway Residences. Ooops! I do not mean any insult but their "landscaped" pathway towards their model units really consists of plastic ornamental plants! Hehehe! Anyway, Francis and I went to look at these model units and we we're even given a cost estimate by one sales person. Although I won't be buying a condominium unit anytime soon, this "biglang liko" trip to the model units continues to prove that my son and I will fit perfectly in this living condition than an abode in the far-flung provinces.

I also got to buy this waterproof bag that I've been meaning to buy for ages, but never had the time to drop by at the mall. And now that the time is here, I wasted no second to scout for it at the ground level of the Gateway Mall. Finally, I found the Stoked outlet! As usual, I chose the non-attention-catching color of all, gray.

Well, Francis also had his share of shopping. He bought 2 (yup, not 1, but 2!) water bottles. Of course, the ones with characters: Superman and Pokemon. He also begged me to buy a Naruto game for his Game Boy. Surprised, I didn't even know he likes Naruto now! He said he still likes Pokemon and still know all of the characters in it... But he's watching more of Naruto now. Huh? When did that happen? A few months ago, he just dumped Spiderman (his all time favorite for the past 4 years) for Pokemon, and now it's Pokemon's turn to be dumped!? Whatever! I still didn't buy him the Naruto game. This will only increase his game time.

After this, I decided to go straight to the Manila Ocean Park. I've been meaning to go to this place since it opened late last year. I had even planned on bringing my two nephews there if only they had not gone home to Pampanga earlier.

Anyway, due to a wrong decision on which direction the cab driver should take, my son and I ended up going to St. Claire's Hospital instead. Bang gave birth last night and I wasn't able to join the other Holyweekers when they visited her last night. Since I'm so near her area, I instructed the cab driver to the hospital. Good thing we didn't get lost.

Bang is doing really well for someone who just had a C-section. Ugh! We also got to see her daughter, Nikola Star, at the nursery. Yup, that's her name, pang-star ang dating! She looks just like Bang, actually. We took several photos of her, which consists mostly of her yawning. Francis used my other camera to take a video of her, yawning still. Antukin!

After visiting Bang, we finally headed to Manila Ocean Park. This time, for real. The line to buy the tickets was kinda long, being a weekend. After more than half an hour of waiting, finally, we were inside the Oceanarium.

Francis was so excited running from one area to the next that I could barely keep up taking photographs of him. And this was suppose to be my practice shoot! He had fun looking through some aquariums, but since there were too many people, he ignored the ones where he can't squeeze in. I took a few quick shots of the different underwater creatures we saw with Francis constantly reminding me not to use my flash. We stayed a bit longer at the Little Tikes playground set up at the end of the tour, which I think he enjoyed more.

As usual, a photo with the sign! Thanks for wonders of cropping.

Di kita ibang tao! Hehehe!

Grrr! Ang daming tao!

Finally, a solo!

The entire Oceanarium walk through had been pretty quick. We got in a little after 5pm and we're done way before 7pm. It was a little too disappointing for me.

With feet tired from walking the whole day, my son and I took a cab home. It was a good, long day and we ended it with a great (and unhealthy) meal from McDonald's 24-hour delivery. Hehehe!