Friday, May 16, 2008

Manila Bay at 5 A.M.

My calltime for all the staff and crew today is at 2 A.M. This way, we can all be on location as early as 4 A.M. We have a lot of frames to shoot today and it is wise to be ready to roll as soon as the sun rises.

If it ever rises...

It had been raining almost every night all throughout this week. That shouldn't worry me since the frames I needed to shoot are all during daytime. But these past two days gave us rain during the afternoons! Yaiks! Oh, well... Agency and client made a "go" for our shoot today, so what else can we say but "Go! Go! Go! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

I arrived at the Libertad Bridge beside the One Esplanade building around 5 A.M. There were only street lamps lighting the shooting area as our generator truck was late. Instead of getting pissed about it, I simply drowned myself in the beauty of the early morning light seeping through dark clouds above the Makati cityscape.

SIGH... How I wish I have my SLR camera...

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