Thursday, May 15, 2008

Manila Bay at 1 A.M.

12 midnight. Despite our early calltime the next day, I opted to drop by at one of our locations the next day. Most of our setmen were there setting up a platform. I just wanted to know how far along the set-up had been, and, of course, how the setmen were. Heavy rains poured earlier this evening and I wasn't quite sure how they protected themselves and how much of the set they have salvaged.

When we arrived at the old CCP breakwaters at the back of the Folk Arts Theater, the well-lit buildings along Roxas Boulevard came into view. Wow! I have competely forgotten how beautiful this place was at night.

Good thing I brought my camera and my mini-tripod with me. As soon as I finished discussing shoot logistics with the setmen, I positioned myself along the seawall and took a lot of photos. Well, not really a lot, but just enough to bring myself back at that time in college when I wanted to pursue photography professionally.

But I am no photographer now. I just happen to be a line producer checking my set-up on location. And here are some of the photos I took.

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