Sunday, August 25, 2002

One Day in Tagaytay

Wanting so much to have a break from my everyday routine, I agreed to join Jane (a former co-professor in SPCQ) in visiting Bing in Tagaytay City. Bing, another former co-professor, is currently staying in St. Mary's Pre-Novitiate (got that?! pre-novitiate!) and can only be visited once a month. The invitation from Jane was a welcome change from my "normal" life these days. Besides, it has been ages since I last saw these two girls, it's high time to see them and catch up on each other's lives.

Jane also invited other common friends so we wouldn't have to commute going there. That way, I can bring along my son so I wouldn't have to sacrifice a day without him, and still, get to enjoy an out-of-town trip. But everybody backed out leaving Jane and I to push through with what was planned. This time though, we were going to commute to Tagaytay via the Batangas-bound buses. No problem.

August 25, Saturday, came.

As I was busy preparing my things for my one-day get-away, my motherly instincts got the better of me. I felt guilty leaving my son alone at home when I'm out there in Tagaytay having fun. Besides, I only get to be with him 2 whole days in a week, and I wasn't even going to spend this one Saturday with him! Sigh…

So, I ended up packing my son's things as well, making sure I have enough supplies of everything to last for 2 days! He! He! He! Of course, that wasn't a spur of the moment decision. I thought about it for-how-many-times, I lost count. I knew how difficult it would be to bring a child along, much more a toddler, in a trip… and to commute! Gosh… That would surely be one great sacrifice. But then again, I know that if I go on this trip alone, I wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much since I will keep on thinking of my son.

What's the lesser evil of the two? I brought along my son. He! He! He!

Leaving the house was okay. I took a cab going to Farmers Cubao where Jane and I will meet. I had no idea what and where we will board the bus going to Tagaytay, but knowing Jane, I know she knows the way around. When we got to Farmers Cubao, Jane said we would be riding the MRT. Great! Mokong's first time in the MRT! I brought a camera along with me, but as much as I want to take a picture of my son in his first MRT ride, I couldn't. The MRT was full and we would look like a 'mag-inang promdi na first-time sa Manila' should I ask Jane to take a picture of us. Hmmm… 'Wag na lang!

We got off at the last MRT station in Taft. The bus station was just beside it so we didn't had a hard time getting into one. We were seated somewhere in the middle, behind a married couple who brought along their children as well. One of the children was also toddler, a little bit older than 1. And even though at that age, children can't very well communicate, my son and the other baby girl, were able to… er… talk. J

My son wasn't really difficult at all during the entire bus ride. I was hoping he would sleep, but he was far too amazed with the faces and places he's been seeing, he's been very energetic. Nothing that I cannot handle, really.

The pre-novitiate where Bing stays wasn't quite hard to find. It was situated along the hi-way and we got off almost in front of the estate.

When we arrived, Bing's family were already there - her mom, aunt and uncle. Again, seeing new faces, Mokong was far too tired from his more than an hour trip! He was making all the stunts he knew so he can show off to these new people! Bing's family were so fond of him, as well as the other sisters there. They keep on getting Francis away from me, so I didn't really got tired of taking care of him… Which was actually quite strange! Normally, my son wouldn't go to anyone he's not too familiar with… Hmmm… Strange… Too strange… Sabi tuloy nung isang madre, "Okay lang ba sa'yo kung mag-pari sya paglaki?" GAZHHH!!! My son hasn't even turned one, and already, I'm planning his life! Syempre, smile lang lola n'yo, noh! Pa'no ko naman sasagutin 'yun?

After Bing's family left around 5pm, Bing, Jane, and I, with my son, of course, went out to their kiosk so we can better talk things out… out from the earshot of the other nuns! He! He! He! We also took several pictures… S'yempre, what's the camera for anyway?

We finally left the pre-novitiate after 7pm. Buses normally pass by in front of the estate but since it was a little bit late, we had to wait for quite sometime. Since it was Tagaytay and I knew it would be cold by nightfall, I covered my son with whatever stuff I had in our bag. I, myself, was cold, so naturally, my son would be too. Pero, hindi… He kept on taking off everything that I put on him. Sabi ko na nga ba, bagay talaga 'tong si Mokong dun, eh!

Finally, around 8pm, we were able to board a bus going to Pasay Taft. The bus was non-aircon and full. But do we have a choice? Jane and I wanted to go home already. It was late.

Good thing I brought along my son. At least, I was able to prove that there are still good samaritans around, I was able to sit down. A few minutes later, Jane and I were already sitting together.

As soon as we got settled, the rains poured. Great timing!

My son's energy finally wore off by the time we passed by the Tagaytay junction. Buong araw ba naman s'yang magpakitang-gilas! He was asleep throughout the bus ride, despite all the loud voices in the bus and all the other buses' horns outside. Talk about being tired!

We arrived at Pasay Taft around 10pm, hailed a cab and huggled for the price going to my place. My son woke up as soon as we boarded the cab, and again, was very much energetic. I wondered what time he would be sleeping for the night? Sigh… Puyatan ito!

We arrived home a little after 10. I was too tired to carry my son and to put him back to sleep again. I just put him on bed and lied next to him. Since he already had his much needed sleep, he was very much alive! But then… after a while, he wasn't moving anymore. Aha! He fell asleep… again! He was indeed VERY tired. And so was I.

What a day!